Kozhikode, India-Kerala



Kozhikode also known as Calicut is the most important district located on the Malabar Coast. The district placed the top list in the world history with the invention of Sea Route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama. Kozhikode is the better combination of historic and cultural programs this helps to make the Kozhikode as best and popular tourist destinations. Kozhikode districts contribution is much high for the development of district in trade, commerce and economic growth over the years is impressive. September to May is the best time to the tourists. Kozhikode is the right place for the trading of pepper coconut, coffee, rubber, lemon grass oil etc.

The best tourist places of Kozhikode

The district Calicut-Kozhikode is full of museums and art galleries that attracted the tourists for its rare collections that show the traditional and cultural pictures of Kozhikode,kerala-india. Some of the famous tourist places are as follows, Beypore, Beaches-Kozhikode-india, the great Museums- Pazhassirajah,Krishna Menon Waterfalls-Thusharagiri, Ghat Section, Kuttichira Mosque, Feroke, Kallai, Science Centre & Planetarium, Kalaman Para Maruthilavu Tourist Spot, Kakkad Eco Tourism, Kolamala Eco Tourism. Kerala information provides the best information about the Kozhikode, best places of Kozhikode, Kozhikode tourist places.


Beypore is a small town of Kerala, India. It is located about 10 km south of Kozhikode town at the opening of the Chaliyar River.

Pazhassirajah Museums

This Pazhassiraja Museum is under the supervision of the State Archaeology Department of Kerala.



Thusharagiri is a beautiful waterfall situated in Kozhikode district in the Indian state of kerala.

Kakkad Eco Tourism

Kakkad Eco Tourism is a beautiful eco tourism place is situated 40 kms. away from Kozhikode in the Kozhikode – Wayanad National Highway at Eangapuzha.

Kolamala Eco Tourism

Kolamala Eco Tourism is one of the beautiful place lies 40 kms. away from Kozhikode.




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